frequently asked questions

Q: What is the age range for the BSL product?
A: BSL is designed for children ages 6 months to 4 years old.

Q: Will BSL teach my child to read?
A: BSL makes no guarantees that your child will learn to read by using this program. However, BSL is an excellent introduction to language and reading concepts.

Q: My child is three years old and already speaking. Are there any benefits to the sign language aspect of the BSL program?
A: Yes. There are many benefits to introducing sign language to speaking and hearing kids. While learning sign language early is a great communication bridge for babies, it also offers a multisensory approach to written language. Research (independent from BSL) has shown that sign language study enhances language development, increases sight word retention and helps with word recognition.

Q: I've been using the cards for a month now and my toddler can't read. Am I doing something wrong?
A: There is no “wrong” way. Kids will "learn" at their own pace, whether it’s walking, talking, or reading. The purpose of the BSL program is to introduce children to the concept of reading and to provide some communication tools.

Q: How many minutes per day should I have my child watch the videos?
A: As previously mentioned, we recommend that your child watch a video at least once a day. Accompanying flashcard activities reinforce the concepts learned in the video and can be used before or after a video, or at other times of the day as well. 

Q: Will BSL (help) teach my child sign language?
A: BSL will introduce you and your child to some basic signs in ASL (American Sign Language.) We focus on the signs that we believe would be most beneficial to parents and children in their day-to-day activities, like the signs for milk, more, water, and help. 

Q: Can a caregiver other than the parent do the flashcard activities mentioned in the Activity Guide?
A: While we think the biggest benefits will be achieved through parent-child interactions and accompanying positive reinforcement, any caregiver can conduct the activities described in the Activity Guide.

Q: Can I use the flashcards and videos independently, or must they be used together?
A: The videos and flash cards can be used independently, but we believe the best experience with BSL will be achieved by using the products together, as described in the Activity Guide.

Q: We speak Spanish at home. Can I still use Bright Signs Learning?
A: It’s wonderful that you’re introducing a second language in your home! BSL is an excellent way to introduce your child to reading and signing English words without disrupting the acquisition of another language.

Q: Is there anyway to speed up the learning process? I want my toddler to read in a couple of months?
A: The primary goal for BSL is for you and your child to bond and enjoy the learning process together. Each child is unique, and accordingly, every child learns at his or her own pace. That said, we do believe that repetition is a key element of the learning process and we highly recommend making BSL a part of your child’s daily routine to enhance your child’s learning experience.

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